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All About Travel

Here at Tailored Assistant Services, we've dedicated our services and resources to the travel industry from the first day we started back in 2016.  With a focus on methods and technology that are specific to the industry, we have developed a deep understanding for the needs of travel advisors.


We are US based which allows us to provide you with efficient service without the struggle of having to work around the different time zones.  All of our assistants undergo extensive training on the travel platforms that are typically used on a day to day basis in the travel world. 

Meet the Owners

Tiffany and Tami have been best friends since 2009 and their friendship has taken them on many adventures and to many destinations. They share a passion for travel and new experiences and are wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of both the assistants and the company as a whole.

Meet The Team

Beach Chairs

Not Pictured Above

  • Alicia Morrison

  • Allison Weems

  • Amanda Troyer

  • Angelique Stewart

  • Ashley Arnold

  • Barbara Glenn

  • Bobbie Borcherding

  • Cinthia Munoz

  • Heather Bowersox

  • Jala Caldwell

  • Jaycie Weicks

  • Kristie Cooper

  • Krystal Kosik-Eagleton

  • Shannon Willis

  • Stephanie Holderby

  • Sue Garnsey

Want to be a part of the team?  

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