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Service "Tailored" To Your Needs


Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, and just too busy?  You can’t be a good travel advisor since you’re too busy being an accountant, lawyer, administrator, marketer, and IT professional.  You have to wear all these hats when you start your business.  It keeps overhead low, and makes you feel like you’re in total control.  But then you hit a wall and, try as you might, you can’t squeeze more hours out of the day.  Your family starts suffering, your clients suffer, and you suffer.


It’s time to scale your business up to the next level, and delegating is the easiest and most efficient way to do that.  Delegating to someone who already knows the programs and systems you are using is even better!


Helping clients scale their businesses and avoid burnout.  Every client is recognized as an individual with different needs, weaknesses, and passions.  Creating a plan for success is not enough, we want to work for YOUR success.

Success Stories

Tailored Assistant Services has afforded me the opportunity to accelerate the growth of my business by removing the obstacle of important, time-consuming, recurring administrative tasks. My assistant is a trusted member of our team that carefully manages key day-to-day administrative responsibilities, but also is proactive in identifying and suggesting ways to make our business systems even more efficient. I now have increased freedom (and time!) to attend to our most high value clients, strategically prospect for new clients, and deliver an overall higher level of care to all of our travelers.

I have recently further engaged Tailored Assistant Services for marketing support. The team has taken the time to get to know my business, being very sensitive to our brand and approach. I am looking forward to more consistent engagement with our clients (through our newsletter, social media channels, and special customized messaging/offers) in order to further grow the business. We are already off to a very good start.

Kareem George - Culture Traveler

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